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ODYO Mobile facilitates access to hearing care. Take advantage of our mobile equipment and expertise to offer your services in schools, daycares, retirement homes, and other communities near you. Rely on ODYO Mobile to expand your practice where distance was previously a barrier.

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Increase your reach
Improve access to hearing care
Diversify your income

Facilitate Access to Your Services 

ODYO Mobile has been at the core of our service since 2014. Our commitment is to make your services more accessible. By offering mobile audiology services in nursing homes, schools, and isolated communities, we are able to reach people wherever they may be, bringing our services closer to their reality. At ODYO, our team establishes partnerships with commercial clients, delivering and installing the necessary equipment to enable you to provide your services directly to your clients with utmost ease.

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Offer Services in Your Community

Expand your impact by offering the services of your audiology clinic directly to your clients. First, for isolated communities, let's work together to avoid patients having to travel long distances so that them may benefit from audiology care. For elderly individuals residing in retirement homes, our mobile clinic enables them to receive your services right at their doorstep. Lastly, for schools and daycare centers, you can conduct on-site hearing screenings and other awareness activities with ODYO Mobile.

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ODYO Mobile
takes you out of the clinic

Expand your practice with the turnkey solution offered by ODYO Mobile and make access to health care easier, in a community near you.

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ODYO Mobile

adds value to your practice

Access to Resources

We offer access to the necessary equipment and expertise.

Increase your Reach

We simplify access to a geographically diverse customer base.

Support and Training

We offer continuous support to optimize your mobile services.

Continuous Innovation

Mobile audiology advancements through our business model.

Reputation and Recognition

Enhance your reputation through mobile audiology.

Easy to Integrate

Our turnkey solution seamlessly fits into your practice.

Keep Listening!

ODYO Mobile is constantly evolving.

We are currently building an innovative mobile clinic that will enhance our range of mobile equipment and solutions for our clients and partners.

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