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CORTI © is an expert software that simplifies the management of workplace hearing preservation programs. By utilizing the data analysis provided by CORTI ©, you can enhance your interventions with detailed reports and establish a continuous improvement plan for hearing conservation.

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Analyze the Collected Data

CORTI © streamlines the management of hearing preservation data to safeguard patient health, mitigate the risks of occupational hearing loss, and enhance regulatory compliance. By analyzing the data, trends can be identified and specific interventions can be implemented for each worker. This software automatically analyzes the data to gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of workers' hearing health based on their demographic information, job roles, noise related risks, and noise reduction measures.

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Generate Comprehensive Reports

CORTI © provides comprehensive reports on the examined population, which are delivered to health and safety personnel, as well as individual reports handed out to each worker. Moreover, these reports can be utilized for medical evaluations in cases where occupational hearing loss is suspected. Rely on the expertise of CORTI © to add value to your hearing conservation program interventions.


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Harness the power of CORTI © to analyze data and generate personalized administrative reports. Elevate the impact of your interventions in hearing conservation programs by adding value and expertise.

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Data-Driven Analysis

Evaluate results and trends to improve conservation programs.

Data Security

Data security and confidentiality are our top priorities.

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You will benefit from software that is constantly evolving.

Customized Interventions

Adjust your interventions based on program performance.

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Locally Developed

Benefit from a solution developed in Quebec, Canada.

Industry Expertise

Add our expertise to your toolkit to enhance your reputation.

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CORTI © is constantly evolving.

We are currently working on updating the software to make it more user-friendly and to expand its reach.

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