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Get Your Custom-Made Earplugs and Earmolds

3dB is a cutting-edge technology laboratory specializing in the design of custom-made earplugs and earmolds. Streamline your supply of these essential products with us and enjoy an enhanced level of personalization for your goods.

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Offer a full range of custom-made solutions

Rely on Our Digital Technology

At 3dB, our production process is fully digital. Once we receive ear impressions, we digitally scan and store the physical geometry of the molds as a digital file. We then continue the product design using high-quality materials through 3D printing, ensuring both durability and comfort. Trust in our digital expertise for reliable results.

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Offer a Full Range of Custom Earplugs

Our carefully designed custom earplugs are tailored to meet the needs of all our clients, whether they are professionals or individuals. With our expertise, we guarantee durability and optimal comfort for everyday use. Take advantage of a complete range of high-quality products, specifically designed to reduce ambient noise or protect sensitive ears. Trust in our expertise and provide your patients with customized hearing protection.


Customize and Meet Your Patients' Needs

Once the customized products are printed, they undergo a thorough cleaning and preparation process according to the client's specifications before being shipped. We understand the significance of personalization in meeting your patients' needs. That's why our products offer complete customization, giving your patients the opportunity to select their preferred color, finish, and packaging that reflects their style and yours.

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meets your needs

Trust in the digital expertise of 3dB lab to deliver reliable results for the custom creation of your earplugs and earmoulds.

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adds value to your practice

Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize 3D technologies for precise modeling.

Customized Solutions

We offer solutions tailored to various needs.

Comfort and Durability

Our earplugs are designed for optimal comfort during extended wear.

Regulatory Compliance

Our earplugs adhere to the best practices of CSA and ANSI standards.

After-Sales Service

We are here to satisfy your needs, in person or remotely.

Extended Warranties

90-day comfort and 3-year manufacturing warranties.

Keep Listening!

3dB lab is constantly evolving.

We strive to continuously innovate by adding new options and investing in research and development to meet your needs and those of your patients.

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