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Participate in Preventing
Occupational Hearing Loss

Bertrand-Johnson Acoustique shares its expertise in workplace hearing care to broaden its impact and enable you to expand your services beyond the clinic. Participate with us in the preservation of occupational hearing loss.

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Prevent occupational hearing loss
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Bertrand-Johnson Acoustique

As a leader in workplace hearing health since 1976, our mission is simple: to prevent occupational hearing loss. Today, our company has over 350 industrial clients across Canada, and we are eager to share our expertise and collaborate with you to expand our reach and strengthen our impact.

Evaluate Noise Related Risks

Offer a comprehensive evaluation of sound risks with Bertrand-Johnson Acoustique. We provide state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in sound measurement, dosimetry, and noise mapping to accurately assess and pinpoint the sound hazards that workers are exposed to in a noisy work environment near you.

Noise Mapping

Reduce Noise Exposure

Bertrand-Johnson Acoustique offers custom calibrated earplugs that provide superior protection and unmatched comfort to prevent occupational hearing loss in noisy work environments. Collaborate with us and take ear impressions at your clinic or on-site at one of our clients locations, near you.

Ear Impressions
Custom Earplugs

Offer Hearing Exams

To assess the impact of noise on workers' hearing acuity, Bertrand-Johnson Acoustique provides on-site hearings exams at the workplace or at a partner clinic. Collaborate with us to include your clinic in our catalogue of partner locations.

Hearing Screening
Audiological Evaluation
Medical Expertise
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BJA_Audiological Evaluation
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Bertrand-Johnson Acoustique
is sharing its expertise

Expand your practice with the turnkey solution offered by Bertrand-Johnson Acoustique and join the hearing conservation program at one of our industrial clients near you.

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Bertrand-Johnson Acoustique

adds value to your practice

Expert Services

Collaborate with our experts to deliver high-quality services.

Collaborative Approach

To develop solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

Support and Training

Rely on our expertise to assist you in preserving hearing.

Best Practices

Provide services based on CSA and ANSI best practices.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Diversify your income by offering your services to the industry.

Reputation and Trust

Count on our reputation with numerous businesses.

Keep Listening!

Bertrand-Johnson Acoustique, powered by ODYO, is constantly evolving.

We are expanding our reach and currently have clients in 5 Canadian provinces who trust us with their hearing preservation program.

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